Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

We invite community members to submit proposals to organize BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions at 2021 Tapia Conference. Students are particularly encouraged to suggest BOF proposals sessions. BoF sessions provide an informal, town-hall-like forum for the discussion of technical or social issues among interested parties and they provide a venue for communities (existing or dynamically organized) to network, leading to potential collaborations. Previous conferences have included BoF topics such as robotics, cybersecurity, diversity in computing, and the enhancement of diversity initiatives in computer science research. Sessions structured to bring together “different” communities are also welcome.

BoFs are limited to 1 hour. To encourage informal discussion, no projectors or machines will be provided for BoF sessions. A BoF proposal must include:
● BoF Title
● Organizer(s) Information (name, email, affiliation);
● a short bio (up to 250 words) for each organizer;
● a statement of the organizers’ qualifications (up to 250 words);
● brief topic description (up to 250 words); and
● the target audience including (i) if the target audience is primarily industrial, academic, student, or some combination, and (ii) an estimate of the number of attendees to help in room organization

BOF proposals will be evaluated based on relevance to the conference, originality, and quality of the proposal.


For questions regarding submissions please contact Program Committee.