Academic Submissions

The sessions should aim to engage and stimulate significant discussions on teaching, professional development, and broadening participation topics that would appeal to faculty and administrators, as well as students (undergraduate and/or graduate).

The format for panels and workshops will be a 60-minute session. We seek a broad range of panels and workshops on topics falling into one or more of the education, professional development, and broadening participation tracks (which may include minority recruitment and retention). Panel and workshop submissions must include:
- a title;
- an abstract (up to 250 words);
- description of the people involved in the workshop or panel;
- the motivation for having each panelist or workshop co-leader;
- the target audience (e.g., faculty, administrators, undergraduate students, graduate students, etc.); and
- a detailed description of the proposed panel or workshop.

The detailed description of the proposed session must conform to the Tapia Format and Submission Guidelines, and must not exceed 2 pages for all text, figures, and references in PDF format.

If you are submitting a panel:

The detailed description should include a description of the panel format (if unconventional) and the position statements for each of the panelists. The typical format for the session is to begin with short presentations by three to four leading experts in the relevant field, followed by a moderated dialogue among the panelists and the audience members. It is preferred that the specific set of panelists (and their relevant expertise) be set and named at the time of the submission. The description should also describe the format for the post-presentation moderated discussion.

If you are submitting a workshop:

The detailed description should describe the target audience, the topic(s) to be covered, and an outline of the workshop’s agenda, including a timeline and the execution plan for the workshop. The execution plan will describe how the workshop will be carried out by its organizers. Workshops are strongly encouraged to provide guided, hands-on activities, and interactive audience participatory activities that will engage the audience members in the topic to be discussed.


For questions regarding submissions please contact Program Committee.