Dee A. B. Weikle
Dr. Dee A. B. Weikle graduated in 2001 with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Virginia where she also worked as a research scientist developing models for memory access patterns and later branch predictor power tradeoffs. 2010-2016 she worked at Eastern Mennonite University where she taught throughout the computer science curriculum, continued research in workload characterization and analysis, and developed a teaching assistant program. In 2016 she joined the faculty at James Madison University where she is now an Associate Professor of Computer Science. She currently teaches introductory programming, computer systems, and computer architecture, runs the teaching assistant program, and is Chair of the NCWIT Extension Services project for improving recruitment and retention of women in the department. Her research interests include computer science education, computer architecture, workload characterization, and ethics. Current projects include formal evaluation of a teaching assistant led review session called the Fourth Hour, development of a course in computer architecture using fpgas, and high performance analysis. She is an active participant in the CS POGIL project and a trained POGIL facilitator as well as a past POSSE (Professors Open Source Software Experience) participant. Her service includes helping organize the local regional celebration of women in computing (CAPWIC) as well as being a past editor of the newsletter for the Special Interest Group in Computers and Society (SIGCAS). She has a deep interest in broadening participation in computing with a focus on teaching practices to promote inclusion and success of all students.