Marjorie Shavers
Dr. Marjorie Shavers is an associate professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in Counseling at Heidelberg University. She has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from Ohio State University and is currently licensed as a professional school and professional clinical counselor with supervision designation. Dr. Shavers’s research agenda focuses on exploring how educational systems and varying professionals impact the experiences and overall mental health of students, particularly Black women. Dr. Shavers’s most recent work focuses particularly on the experiences of Black women pursuing doctorates and post–doctorates in computer science and engineering. In addition to her research, her teaching and clinical practice is aimed at enhancing mental health amongst Black women. Dr. Shavers was recognized as the 2015 Counselor Educator of the Year from the Ohio Association of Counselor Education and Supervision and received the Distinguished Research and Scholarship Award at Heidelberg University.