Niharika Dutta
Niharika (she/her/hers) is a software engineer working at Microsoft, Redmond. She is on the Big Data team working on Spark platform for Microsoft's Azure products. She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Thapar University, India and a Master's in Computer Science from Arizona State University in May 2018.

Niharika has worked on various different technologies on the spectrum of software development, from low-level chipset, developing web applications, ETL pipelines and now Spark. She previously worked as a software engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, India where she developed software for modem protocols. She was responsible for designing and implementing a compression/decompression engine for SIP messages.

In college, Niharika was a member of the organizing committee of the Computing Society where she organized multiple tech conferences and workshops for students and faculty interested in learning new/emerging technologies in the industry. She also has a passion for startups and has the good fortune of interning at a nascent start-up that provided an innovative solution to remote property visit automation, through Keyless Check-ins.
At ASU, Niharika worked as a Research Assistant on developing motion planning algorithms for Fetch robots using ROS.

Niharika now works as a full-time software engineer on Microsoft’s Spark team, which is used by both the Azure HDInsight and Azure Synapse Analytics products. She is currently working on .NET for Apache Spark which brings Spark to .NET developers. This fulfills one of her great interests of giving back to the open source community, and honing those skills.
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