Huifang Zuo has been a Research and Evaluation Associate in the Center of UChicago STEM Education at the University of Chicago since 2017. Prior to this, Dr. Zuo worked as a Research Assistant in the Department of Computer Science, Center for Applied Geographic Information Science, Urban Institute, and Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation at UNC Charlotte. She received her Doctoral Degree in Educational Research Methodology and M.A. in Geography Information Science from UNC Charlotte. With expertise in quantitative methodology, Huifang Zuo specializes in STEM education and workforce development research, particularly for underserved K12 populations. She also conducted geography-related educational research with integrating GIS technologies into education to better explore and understand educational outcomes. Huifang also holds a M.A. in the major of Language Acquisition and Chinese Modern Literature from Beijing Normal University. Her research foci include STEM education, neighborhood analysis in relation to academic achievement, self-efficacy, and learning English as a second language.