Michael McCabe
Mike McCabe is the Head of Global Technology Employee Accessibility and is currently celebrating his 15th year at JPMorgan Chase.
Mike helped launch the new Employee Accessibility (EE-a11y) team in April 2018 with the mission to ensure that our applications are accessible for all of the firm's 250K employees, including people with disabilities. This has evolved into a multi-threaded program partnering with key stakeholders to achieve several related goals: testing and remediation of existing applications, updating standards and procedures so that new applications are built or bought to be “a11y from the start”, improving the procurement and support of assistive technology tools to meet employee accommodations, and raising firmwide awareness about accessibility via internal & external events and partnerships. In the first year leading this new team, he earned a IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certification and built foundations for key firmwide partnerships required to succeed.
Prior to accepting this new challenge Mike had over 30 years of IT Program, Project and Project management experience in various roles between JPMorgan and previous employers.