Michael C. Stewart
Michael Stewart is an Assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at James Madison University. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Stewart has been committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity in education. This commitment began with his own experiences in youth programs targeted for people of lower-socioeconomic status, then continued through programs related to people for whom English is not their first language, and was further developed in his undergraduate education through learning about people with various cognitive, mobile, and other physical disabilities, and through taking courses in Women’s Studies. These experiences in conjunction with his interest in improving inclusion in education have informed his research, teaching, and service. Dr. Stewart conducts research in the area of Human Computer Interaction. In this field, the real dimensions of humanity (ability, age, race, gender, and more) are vital to understanding how technologies help and hinder us in being the selves we wish we were in this highly technologized (first-) world. Dr. Stewart’s current research interests include technological facilitation of conscientious face-to-face discussion of contentious topics, attributing credit to scholars for sharing their teaching materials, and facilitating greater mobility for elderly residents of retirement communities with autonomous vehicles. Dr. Stewart participates in broadening participation in computing at JMU through his participation in organizing the ACM’s regional celebration of women in computing (CAPWIC), and through advocating for systemic change at JMU according to best practices published by the National Center for Women in Technology.