Sricheta Ruj
My name is Sricheta and I have been working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft in Azure Data Group since 4 months. I work on Apache Spark platform to leverage the connection between Common Data Model and Spark Dataframes. Additionally, this will be helpful in open data initiative between Adobe, Microsoft and SAP. As a Sun Certified Java Programmer and a Certified Scrum Master, I developed an interest in Enterprise Distributed Systems and Cloud computing. After working for 4 years in India as Full Stack Developer, I decided to pursue higher education at San Jose State University. To offset my cost of studies, I have worked as a web developer in SJSU. Balancing school and work were tough during this time, but it taught me that hard work, dedication and perseverance never fails to pay and my efforts bore fruits when I was got an internship offer from Adobe and GHC Scholarship.
Technical Panels and Workshops