Soledad Antelada Toledano
Soledad Toledano is a Computer Systems Engineer in Cyber Security at NERSC, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Their area of expertise is penetration testing using enterprise tools like Burp, Netsparker, IBM appscan, SQLmap and Metasploit, and also script and prototype their own scan tools using programming languages like python. Web scanning annual audits are their biggest projects on this subject: looking for vulnerabilities on thousands of compute hosts at NERSC, confirming, prioritizing and helping resolve them. They also perform threat awareness, proactive network traffic analysis, incident response, forensic analysis, and resolution of security incidents as well as promoting a strong security culture through technical security consulting throughout the Lab.

Toledano studied Computer Science in Spain where they were a software developer for 8+ years before they moved to the United States, to work with the Cybersecurity group at the Berkeley Lab and eventually at NERSC.

Toledano is Founder of GirlsCanHack, an organization dedicated to engage women in the field of cybersecurity and encouraging them to pursue this career. They were also named one of the Top 20 Most Influential Latinos in Technology for 2016 list by CNET.