Meenakshi Das
Meenakshi ‘Meena’ Das is a masters student studying computer science at Auburn University. Her research focuses on developing accessible coding curriculums for engaging disabled students in computing fields. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Mississippi State University (MSU). She has interned at Microsoft and Qualcomm in software engineering roles. Meena is a free spirit, with a passion to make the world inclusive one step at a time. At MSU, she founded an organization for students with disabilities, conducted a coding camp for visually impaired students, and published a paper on disability inclusion. As a member of the student council of a non-profit organization named Disability:IN, she provides them with a student perspective on disability inclusion. She also leads an online community for individuals with disabilities which has over 800 active members. While she is not coding and advocating for disability rights, you can find her listening to pop music and writing for her personal blog and Instagram Page.