Stacey Hartley-McBride has been with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for 27 years as a technical lead and contributor in cyber, statistical, and mathematical analyses, specifically focusing on cyber analysis capabilities, workflows, and processes over the last 14 years. Ms. Hartley-McBride was also part of the ground floor development of a highly successful cyber information program, serving as an analyst while also briefing potential clients around the country to help grow the program. Ms. Hartley-McBride has exhibited leadership skills as the Group Leader of the Operations & Analysis group in the Computing and Analytics division. Ms. Hartley-McBride has technically led and managed several projects, which include performing cyber threat assessments for critical infrastructure sectors, devising methodologies to incorporate cyber information and analysis with other diverse subject areas, and safeguarding critical infrastructure regarding cyber and physical security. She has a BSc and MSc in Statistics from the University of Florida.