Susan M. Harnett
Sue Harnett is the founder and president of Rewriting the Code (RTC), a nonprofit focused on retaining, supporting, and advancing college women-in-tech. The community numbers over 6,500 women from 485+ universities across the United States and Canada and 40 additional countries. RTC currently partners with 30 US tech companies including Apple, Bandwidth, Bank of America, Cree, Facebook, Fidelity, Lyft, NVIDIA, RTI, SpaceX, and Spotify.

Sue is committed to helping college and early-career women achieve their potential through the development of authentic, peer-driven communities that foster collaboration and comradery. Such trusted networks allow for the sharing of authentic conversations that encourage young women to learn from each other’s experiences and gain insight into the academic, recruiting, and personal challenges they face as women-in-tech.

Harnett holds two degrees from Duke University where she started for the Duke basketball team and graduated as an All-America selection. She grew up in Staten Island, NY, and lives in Durham, NC.
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