I am an Applied Mathematics Ph.D. student and a graduate research assistant at UC Merced. I am very interested in machine learning (deep learning, multi-task learning and transfer learning in particular), Computer Vision, bioinformatics and mathematical algorithms for big data and artificial intelligence.

The goal of my current research is to employ multi-scale mathematical models towards the study of biological diseases, in particular, prion disease and cancer. My current research focuses on using data, mainly Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data (sc-RNA seq) to model the lineage trajectory of cells in order to understand its fate ( which can be very useful in disease progression and treatment options) using a mapping of gene expression to spatial coordinates on a tissue. Another aspect of my research will be to use generative models, such as a novel VAE/GAN hybrid (as used in our novel super-resolution framework SRVAE), to generate synthetic single-cell data. Creating this synthetic data will help scientists with more robust analysis and more reproducible research while providing a framework for designing personalized medicine.