Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer has always had a passion for art and technology and has found a unique way to combine those: through UX/UI design.
Jennifer is a Senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Computer Engineering. She has ventured into the field of design as a self-taught UX/UI designer. Her interest in the field was sparked during her first engineering internship where she was introduced to the concept of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). She turned her interest into passion by talking with industry designers she met through LinkedIn, reading articles on Medium, and learning through many free online learning courses. Since beginning her self-learning, she has been able to work in two design internships that have helped her develop her interest in UX/UI and accessibility design.
Looking back at her journey from engineering to design, she aims to be a resource for people who want to learn more about design and the design thinking process. She hopes that this design workshop will expose participants to real life design processes and how they can apply design to their lives (personal or career).
In her free time, you can find Jennifer painting, making jewelry or spending time with her dog and appreciating nature.
Technical Panels and Workshops