Jenny Hamer
Jenny Hamer is an AI Resident researcher in Google Research NY and collaborates with the Learning Theory, Machine Learning, and Algorithms & Optimization teams. Some of her interests include convex optimization, adversarial examples and robustness, various learning settings, and applying ML to problems in climate change. Jenny’s research in federated learning at Google centers around theoretically-motivated problems and focuses on building in-depth understanding and practical solutions to these. She also addresses problems in climate change by applying her ML background to climate modeling.

While completing her B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science at UC San Diego, Jenny was a research assistant in machine and deep learning. She contributed to projects in several areas, including understanding adversarial examples, AI for drug discovery, and secure machine learning motivated by biomedical applications. Jenny was recognized for her research with the UC Chancellor’s Research Excellence Scholarship and selected as a Finalist for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award. She deeply values mentorship and sharing her knowledge with her community and peers. She served as a co-facilitator for Girls Who Code, tutored undergrad and graduate students in deep learning, and served as a formal research mentor for graduate students. Jenny is looking forward to learning more about and encouraging diversity in ML+research at Tapia 2020!