Technical Panels and Workshops
Data Archaeology: Fusing, Triaging, Analyzing to Create an Information Symphony
Event Type
Technical Panels and Workshops
TimeThursday, September 173:30pm - 4:45pm
LocationDavid Patterson Room
DescriptionThe process elements of the cyber analysis life cycle are critical to maintaining state-of-the-art tools, capabilities, workflows, and processes. These elements include data generation technologies, analytic tools development, data enrichment, research and information fusion, production of actionable, timely, and accurate cyber information, feedback mechanisms for further innovation, and intelligence reporting.

This interactive workshop will provide participants the opportunity to experience a snippet of what it is like to be a cyber security analyst tasked with identifying threats to your organization and providing actionable situational awareness to decision makers to enhance protection against and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Participants will experience the data analysis, information fusion and production of actionable cyber information elements by navigating provided data and information to identify relevant threats.