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Power of Resiliency - Design your systems to be inherently resilient for continued business operations
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Technical Panels and Workshops
TimeWednesday, September 163:30pm - 4:45pm
LocationDavid Patterson Room
DescriptionIt is an interactive workshop with fun activities and exercises where attendees will learn what is Resiliency and how to build resilient systems within the organizations to maintain the same energy levels during challenging and growth times without becoming overwhelmed. They will also learn how to develop a mindset to deal with adversity both personally and professionally to build a strong immune system by exploring daily practices to incorporate which keeps us going even at the critical times; when we need to achieve more and thrive in a world of change and uncertainty.

The daily practices include successfully executing the Resiliency planning as part of automation and move faster without breaking things. This starts with simple, small and efficient design of the infrastructure and software. Infrastructure should be robust for high availability and recover from server failures and outages by configuring restore, replication, cluster and snapshot options. For a Software to be resilient, it should function as desired, reliably and consistently –producing the same results every single day.

Core concepts will be covered in this session with structured activities to keep the attendees engaged, help them envision the future by drawing a picture on past experience and empower them recover from any kind of crisis in an increasingly globalized, demanding and uncertain world.

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VP - Infrastructure Developer
Vice President/Technical Lead