Technical Panels and Workshops
Design Thinking
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Technical Panels and Workshops
TimeWednesday, September 162pm - 3:15pm
LocationDavid Patterson Room
DescriptionWhen designing anything, it is always important to think of the users and how they feel about the design.
This participant-driven design thinking workshop will introduce participants to the concept of the UX design thinking process which includes user research, design, and user testing. I will create an app that will solve a problem that I have come up with beforehand. I will go through the process of user research by choosing a few people to interview in the audience. I will then take these responses into account when creating wireframes.This digital wireframe will show best practices and will go into the user testing portion. I will get participant feedback on my wireframes and walk through what the rest of the design process would look like after that.
At the end of the workshop, participants should leave with introductory knowledge of the design thinking process of user research, wireframing, and user testing.