Guarding the New World: Artificial Intelligence’s Role in Cybersecurity
DescriptionCybersecurity impacts every industry, and both defenders and attackers are working to adopt the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that are shifting the paradigm faster than ever. These evolving landscapes of AI and Cybersecurity raise questions for businesses and individuals on ethics, strategies, and implementation costs. This talk will explore the symbiotic relationship between AI and Cybersecurity and how they push developments in research, platforms, tools, and applications across both sectors. Join RTX for a discussion on the direction these two industries are moving in and how the aerospace and defense sectors are adopting these new and emerging technologies. In addition to a brief overview of the AI and cybersecurity relationship timeline, the presenters will showcase some basic AI and cybersecurity concepts that will culminate with the demonstration of some popular tools that participants should be aware of. This talk will not only expose the audience to the exciting new frontier of AI and cybersecurity, but it will also feature world-class engineers and scientists eager to share technological and career advice.
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TimeFriday, September 20th2:45pm - 3:45pm PDT