Getting Started with Apache Spark in Microsoft Fabric
DescriptionApache Spark is a powerful parallel processing framework designed to enhance the performance of big data analytics applications. It achieves this by supporting in-memory computing, which significantly speeds up data processing compared to disk-based approaches. In addition, Spark seamlessly integrates with various programming languages, allowing you to manipulate distributed data sets without being restricted to map and reduce operations.
Microsoft Fabric Runtime is an Azure-integrated platform powered by Apache Spark. It serves as a robust foundation for executing and managing data engineering and data science experiences. By combining internal and open-source components, Fabric Runtime provides a comprehensive solution for large-scale data processing and analytics tasks. Fabric Runtime incorporates platform-specific optimizations, enhancing both the Spark engine and Delta Lake. Notable features include nearly 100 built-in query performance enhancements and intelligent cache capabilities.
Event Type
Lightning Talk
TimeFriday, September 20th2:00pm - 2:15pm PDT