Effective Programs for Increasing Diversity in Computing
Event Type
TimeThursday, September 811:15am - 12:30pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 143 ABC
DescriptionThis workshop provides an opportunity for representatives from the NSF-funded Broadening Participation in Computing Alliances and other organizations to share their effective programs about increasing diversity in computing. The workshop will begin with representatives sharing one effective program from each of the following NSF BPC Alliances and other organizations: AccessComputing, CAHSI, CMD-IT, CRA-W, ECEP, iAAMCS, NCWIT, and STARS. The attendees will have an opportunity to break up into eight groups, with each group having an opportunity to learned the details about the effective program such that information can be taken back to the institution for implementation or partnerships can be found. During the workshop, the participants will have an opportunity to learn about two effective programs.