Building a LatinX Community in Academia
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TimeFriday, September 91:30pm - 2:30pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 146 B
DescriptionPicture this: you take a new position (or start at a new school), in a new city, where there are few other people who look like you or speak your idioma. It can be beneficial to step out of your comfort zone, but you could also feel homesick, and you may just want to meet people who have similar experiences to you, speak similar languages, and have like-minded cultural beliefs; other times you just need to ask someone where to find good tomatillos.

The last two years of Covid-19 have placed an extra layer of complexity into deciphering a university’s culture when applying and even obtaining a sense of what the day-to-day environment looks like. Even when the university excels at describing their culture, it might not be the same culture they are experiencing more than two years into a pandemic. It can take substantial work to create a community of people who are essentially outsiders among the homogeneity of Academia. Even after starting, it can take even more work to keep this community going. Nonetheless, the importance of this community is paramount to staying sane, feeling connected, broadening participation, and retention.

Come hear from Latinx academic panelists as they share their experiences and answer questions. This panel will discuss the many aspects of a Latinx community, best practices for effective events, networking strategies, and a sense of belongingness in an academic setting where LatinX communities are nonexistent or hardly developed.
Panel Moderator
Director and Associate Professor of the Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department
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