Integrating Diversity, Social Justice, and Intersectionality in Program Evaluation to Broaden Participation in Computing (BPC): Insights from BPC Alliance Representatives
DescriptionIn our quest to broaden participation in computing, addressing diversity, intersectionality, and social justice within program evaluations is paramount. As program evaluation plays a significant role in advancing the mission of broadening participation, it is imperative for evaluators to highlight the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities in computing and inform targeted interventions to promote inclusivity and equity.

The panel presents representatives of four National Science Foundation (NSF)- funded Broadening Participation in Computing (BPC) alliances: CRA-WP, AccessComputing, Institute for African American Mentoring in Computing Sciences (IAAMCS), and Alliance Supporting Pacific Impact through Computational Excellence (ALL-SPICE). The panel will provide an invaluable opportunity to discuss the practical applications of program evaluation in advancing these principles within their efforts in broadening participation in computing. Each panelist brings a wealth of experience and expertise in their alliance’s program evaluation, recruitment strategies, and community engagement efforts, all of which contribute to promoting representation and accessibility in the field. Through engaging discussions and shared insights, the panel will engage the computing community in understanding and embracing the importance of program evaluation as a catalyst for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ultimately, the panel aims to drive meaningful change and fostering a more inclusive computing community.
Panel Moderator
Co-Prinicipal Investigator, AccessComputing
Assistant Professor and Data Science Program Director
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TimeFriday, September 20th10:45am - 11:45am PDT