Faculty-Staff Collaboration and Continuity for Equitable Recruiting and Retention
DescriptionImproving diversity in student recruiting and retention (and therefore in the computing professoriate) cannot be “outsourced” to staff: close partnership is required with one or more faculty members, ideally who serve in this role for several years. From the perspectives of two public flagship research universities, we will discuss why both partnership and continuity are important in this work, and our experiences over several years implementing these observations. Our experience may be of interest to staff, students, and faculty involved in graduate admissions, recruiting, and retention at research universities; officials of government agencies that support programs intended to broaden participation in computing; and those who are interested in this topic and would like to become more involved in diversifying admissions at their home institutions, or recruiting and retention in business settings.
Professor, Equity Advisor, Faculty Advisor for Digital Learning Strategy
Director of Student Diversity, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, UC Berkeley
Professor, and Bill & Melinda Gates Chair Emeritus, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
Director of Graduate Student Services, Paul G Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
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TimeFriday, September 20th10:45am - 11:45am PDT