Becoming a Latina Computing Professional: Barriers and Accomplishments
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TimeThursday, September 84:30pm - 5:30pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 149 AB
DescriptionBy virtue of being underrepresented in computing, Latinas completing a PhD face additional challenges starting their new careers. Completing the dissertation, applying for jobs, interviewing and negotiating job offers are made more difficult by the lack of a community of mentors that fully understands their identities. This panel will present the challenges faced and the accomplishments of recent Latina Ph.D. recipients as they navigated the last stages of the dissertation and moved to new jobs in computing. The four panelists have had diverse paths to their first post-PhD jobs; two work in industry and two are in academia; some participated in Postdocs; some are immigrants. The panelist will share their experiences around these topics: Who do I ask about...? Is there a Latinx community around my new job? Can I recruit Latinx students to come work with me? As the only Latina in my unit, who will be my mentors? What does it mean for my family if I take this position? For those that are immigrant or with immigrant families (spouses or parents), coordinating the transition in immigration status can be daunting. In all of their stories, there is a centrality of the importance of family that is balanced with the professional aspirations of their careers. Hearing their recent experiences should help future Latinas in computing understand the difficult road ahead with the reassurance that it is possible to balance family priorities and career demands to succeed in computing.