The Value of Service in Advancing Careers: Exploring the Benefits and Types of Service
Panel Moderator
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TimeThursday, September 83:00pm - 4:00pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 146 A
DescriptionFaculty service commitments count as a small percentage of faculty's evaluation for promotion. Nevertheless, service is often considered important and if done strategically, can complement the other areas of faculty responsibilities. Unfortunately, faculty from marginalized groups end up doing more service than other faculty. Often the service goes beyond the "traditional notions of service" and is not properly acknowledged. With the increased attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion, most of the work in this area is falling on the shoulders of marginalized faculty. During this panel, four faculty panelists, at different points in their academic careers, will share their experiences doing service in academia. Each of us has engaged in different forms of service, reflecting our interests and needs. Based on our experience, we provide answers to the following questions: Why do service? What are the different types of service commitments? How is service evaluated? Is there one type of service more important than another? Which should I avoid before tenure? How do I say no to my chair when asked to do service? Give examples of how you have managed to leverage service commitments in a way that contributes to your other responsibilities? The panelists will share strategies that have worked for them on how to manage your service commitments, how to say no, and how to select service commitments that complement your teaching or research. The session will allow time for audience participation by entertaining questions about this often ignored section of faculty work.