Trust in Teamwork: Human Perception of Robot Outcomes in Kinesthetic Teaching
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DescriptionAs robots continue to permeate multiple facets of everyday life, roboticists utilize learning from demonstration (LfD) techniques to enable programming desirable robot behaviors from a teacher’s examples. LfD algorithms typically do not require expert knowledge of domain dynamics to reproduce a demonstration and can be employed by a variety of intuitive user interfaces. One of the most common interfaces is kinesthetic teaching, a teaching mode involving physically moving the robot’s joints through desired motions as the robot records them. While many studies have participants provide demonstrations via kinesthetic teaching, we find a gap in the literature when it comes to understanding the psychological aspects of the human-robot interaction when utilizing this method. To address this, we present an experiment to assess the trust and perception a human user has of a robot as they teach it to complete various tasks via kinesthetic teaching. Preliminary results show that both users’ trust in the robot learner and users’ perceptions of themselves as teachers increase as the robot achieves success. We conclude with future plans for this research.