Evaluation of Driving Behavior in Response to Dynamic Message Signs Using Connected Vehicle Data
DescriptionThis study examined the influence of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on driving behavior using connected vehicle data. DMS conveys information on various traffic conditions and aims to improve traffic flow and safety. Two unique message texts posted on different days were considered for distinct time of day periods. Two scenarios were developed and analyzed: vehicle speeds before and after approaching a DMS. Study findings revealed for message text "63 TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR IF YOU TEXT AND DRIVE TODAY'S YOUR DAY FOOL," a percentage reduction in vehicle mean speeds of 1.31%, 1.27%, and 0.92 % was observed for AM, Midday, and PM period respectively within 0-800 meters (m) after the DMS. For the message text "147 TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR, PARTY IF YOU CAN BUT PLEASE GIVE UP THE KEYS," a percentage reduction in mean speeds of 1.36%, 1.49%, and 1.39 % was observed for AM, Midday, and PM period respectively. This study also investigated the specified distances away from the point of visibility of the DMS: 200m, 200-400m, and 600-800m, to observe if distance had an impact on driving behavior. Statistical analysis conducted shows a statistically significant difference in vehicle speeds between 400- 600m away from the point of visibility of the DMS. A comparison was made between both message texts, and the results showed a statistically significant difference during the PM Period. This study is relevant to state departments of transportation in making financial decisions on which DMS are efficient and worth the investment.
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TimeThursday, September 19th12:15pm - 1:45pm PDT