Changing How We Perceive Local Music}
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DescriptionCommercial music streaming services (e.g., Apple Music, Spotify) tend to promote popular music by mainstream artists and are often influenced by the commer- cial interests of powerful record labels [8]. Music streaming behavior follows a long-tail model, popular musicians receive the vast majority of atten- tion on (and revenue from) streaming services. By contrast, many local musicians produce high-quality music yet they cannot “break through” due to systematic biases that are present in commercial recommender systems. As a result, these artists have less resources (time, money) to spend on their craft, and some ultimately are forced to abandon their art in order to financially sustain themselves through other means. This has negative economic and social impacts not only for theses musicians, but also on the community at large since there will be fewer live performances and less community engagement in the arts.
We are currently creating a music recommendation plat- form called Localify.org1 that helps to promote music by local artists. We accomplish this in three ways:
1. personalized live music event recommendation on the Localify web application
2. automatic personalized playlist generation for use within the Spotify ecosystem
3. weekly email recommendations (and reminders) for live shows that listeners may be (or have indicated) that they might be interested in.
To better understand how our “Listen to Local Music” goal might make a positive impact, we explore both the ”Lo- cavore” and ”Buy Local” movements. This exploration is intended to inform both our platform design and outreach efforts.