A Liberatory Mentoring Approach to Vertically Integrating Black Undergraduates Into Computing Research
DescriptionThis research tackles the underrepresentation of Black participants in computing research through a liberatory approach aimed at vertically integrating Black undergraduate students into computing research opportunities. Drawing from principles on Liberatory Pedagogy and identity formation, our work looks to access and dismantle the barriers Black undergraduate students face in pursuing research opportunities. Existing frameworks emphasize the importance of a strong racial identity, critical awareness, a sense of collective responsibility, and an academic identity rooted in liberatory principles. These works also highlight the role of computing as a tool for change in complex systems of barriers, including the persistence of racism. An emphasis on vertical integration characterizes our approach within the context of existing diversity and inclusion initiatives in academia. This paper gives a background on the need for undergraduate research and highlights strategies for building supportive communities and fostering mentorship relationships among the experienced and inexperienced. Through self-assessment, peer evaluations, and reflections, utilizing a modified version of the Advisory Working Alliance Inventory (AWAI), we seek to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in increasing representation and fostering a more equitable research community. These contributions aim to raise awareness of the underrepresentation of Black participants in computing research and inspire other institutions to adopt similar approaches by showcasing the potential of vertical integration and liberatory pedagogies in addressing systemic difficulties for undergraduate research.
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TimeThursday, September 19th12:15pm - 1:45pm PDT