Designing a DCCs Doctors’ Time Manager(DDTM) to Streamline Patients’ Care
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DescriptionA major challenge in society as of now deals with discordant chronic comorbidities (DCCs). A DCC can be described as a health condition in which a patient has two or more, usually unrelated chronic diseases/conditions that must be treated simultaneously and also have potentially conflicting treatments between the patient’s illnesses. Patients with DCCs often worked on multiple information comprehension, decision making, and implementation cycles with different providers. In fact, they may work on getting their diabetes symptoms under control with one provider while simultaneously working with another provider on controlling their arthritis. As such, any changes in the treatment plan for diabetes often negatively impacted the control of their arthritis. In attempts to combat this problem, we designed a mobile app to address the DCCs care issues by specifically drawing the attention of professional support network to the needs of multiple providers in supporting the care and treatment of patients with DCCs.