An Efficient Algorithm for Constructing Fault Tolerant Spanners
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DescriptionIt was recently shown that a version of the greedy algorithm gives a construction of fault-tolerant spanners that is size-optimal, at least for vertex faults. However, the algorithm to construct this spanner is not polynomial-time, and the best-known polynomial time algorithm is significantly suboptimal. Designing a polynomial-time algorithm to construct (near-)optimal fault-tolerant spanners was given as an explicit open problem in the two most recent papers on fault-tolerant spanners ([Bodwin, Dinitz, Parter, Vassilevka Williams SODA '18] and [Bodwin, Patel PODC '19]). We give a surprisingly simple algorithm which runs in polynomial time and constructs fault-tolerant spanners that are extremely close to optimal (off by only a linear factor in the stretch) by modifying the greedy algorithm to run in polynomial time.