Next-Generation Environmental Information Systems using Immersive Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
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DescriptionConventional communication methods to visualize and interact with environmental data have been employed in both industry and academia. These methods are mostly based on textual and graphical reports and 2D partial visualizations as desktop and web applications, which require extensive manual labor to produce and make use of. As the large-scale sensor networks are advancing and becoming denser to monitor environmental conditions (e.g. precipitation, elevation and terrain texture, soil moisture, water level), it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyze massive semantically interconnected data with conventional approaches. The effective investigation of environmental phenomena requires the simulation of complex real-world models in a way that the intrinsic causality between events and actions is preserved.
In this project, we present a smart and integrated environmental knowledge generation and communication system powered by artificial intelligence and immersive technologies. A virtual expert is developed that can deduce the environmental knowledge desired by a human out of its natural language context and generate the result automatically and instantaneously by finding and utilizing appropriate raw data resources. In addition to providing the required knowledge, virtual and augmented reality solutions are benefited in order to dynamically create real-world locations simulated with historical, forecasted, and hypothetical natural events for a comprehensive and integrated analysis of environmental phenomena with the purposes of decision-making, training, and education. All these capabilities are released as a compact and generalized framework that is easily accessible and intuitively served.