The Bison Hacks The Yard: Developing Sense of Belongingness in Computer Science Community (Imposter Syndrome)
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DescriptionComputer Science(CS) has become one of the trendy interest. This situation has consequenced the number of students who are interested in the CS community to get an increase. As a result, undergraduate students who chose CS majors can have difficulties in the courses they take and issues like the sense of belongingness and imposter syndrome. Also, Sense of belongingness causes too many mental and physical problems. Imposter Syndrome and a sense of belongingness seem to have a direct relationship with each other. Therefore, the augmented reality game is designed called The Bison Hack Yards so that students in Computer Science can visualize unreal topics like Data Structure topics. The purpose of this article is to prove how the Bison Hacks the Yard, which is designed as educational material, can be used to prepare students with some difficulties they experienced during the cognitive learning process.