Multiplotlib: a multi-view visualization and analytics library
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DescriptionAccess to diverse types of data in a dataset makes visualization and modeling more complex but also more revealing. In a typical research study workflow, understanding data through extensive data exploration and visualization remains a crucial first step before any subsequent analysis and method development. However, even with a wealth of visualization libraries like matplotlib and seaborn available
to researchers, there is a lack of support for truly integrative data analysis pipelines for datasets with multiple views. This creates a need for a robust, flexible, scalable and easy-to-use library to analyze multi-view big-data for research purposes.

We present multiplotlib, a Python-based visualization library to make statistical graphics. It is built on top of matplotlib and seaborn and is closely integrated with numpy and pandas libraries to offer full flexibility. We anticipate a rigorous use of our python library by researchers that need to analyze multi-view data. multiplotlib will be freely available for personal, academic, and non-profit use.