PhyMask: Sensing of Physiological Signals During Sleep with All-textile Eyewear
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DescriptionDecades of studies on sleep, have confirmed that sleep irregularity affects the cognitive function and physiological and emotional well-being, which makes it extremely important to be assessed and further analyzed with the aim of modulating the sleep pattern and enhancing performance during the day. Clinical trials that rely solely on subjective measures, i.e. patient report, have been shown to be prone to the placebo effect, meaning that when patients believe that they are receiving the study drug or device, the likelihood of their experiencing a positive effect can increase significantly. Therefore, achieving the right balance of subjective and objective measures of sleep is an important goal in both research and clinical practice.

In this work, We introduce a lightweight and all-textile sleep mask, PhyMask, that can continuously and simultaneously measure eye parameters (EOG), heart rate, and sleep posture. We have designed a first-of-its-kind, thread-based, reusable wet electrode to measure EOG signal, and a pressure-sensitive, ionic fabric electrode to capture pulse wave-forms from head.