GAN-driven Synthetic Tool Image Generation for Endoscopic Surgical Tool Segmentation
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TimeWednesday, September 15
DescriptionAccurate semantic image segmentation from medical imaging can enable intelligent vision-based assistance in robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The human body and surgical procedures are both dynamic and unpredictable. While machine-vision presents a promising approach, sufficiently large training image sets for robust performance are either costly or unavailable. This work examines three novel generative adversarial network (GAN) methods of providing usable synthetic tool images using only surgical background images and a few real tool images. The best of these three novel approaches incorporates style preservation and a content loss function. The approach is quantitatively evaluated, and results suggest that the synthetically generated training tool images enhance UNet tool segmentation performance. This study is promising towards the use of more widely available and routine screening endoscopy to preoperatively generate synthetic training tool images for intraoperative UNet tool segmentation.