Opioid Prescriptions Prediction from Patient Demographics in MIMIC-IV
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TimeWednesday, September 15
DescriptionOpioids are widely used analgesics because of their efficacy, mild sedative and anxiolytic properties, and flexibility to administer through multiple routes. Understanding the demographics of the patients receiving these medications helps provide customized care for the susceptible group of people. We conducted a demographic evaluation of the frequently prescribed opioid drug prescriptions from the MIMIC IV database. We analyzed prescribing patterns of six commonly used opioids with demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, and year predominantly. After conducting exploratory data analysis, we built models using Logistic Regression, Random Forest, and XGBoost to predict opioid prescriptions. We also analyzed the association between demographics and the frequency of prescribed medications for pain management. We found statistically significant differences in opioid prescriptions among the male and female population, various ages, and ethnic groups.