Northeastern University: Making Software that Makes a Difference: How to make equitable products
Event Type
Tech Talk
TimeFriday, September 92:45pm - 3:45pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 144 AB
DescriptionMany companies and organizations are using technology to improve people’s lives, but these improvements often come from a place of privilege where assumptions about users and their experiences can actually further existing inequalities. One such example is an app that assumes a data plan in order to view job openings. How can elevating and listening to the voices of underserved populations to create more equitable products.

During this session we will discuss the importance of making software that makes a difference, the challenges of creating equitable products, and the value of having input from every community in the process. Audience members from every field with all levels of computer science knowledge will come away with actionable items that that they can take to improve technology for everyone.