Tech Talk
The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Defending Against Email Attacks
Event Type
Tech Talk
TimeFriday, September 181:30pm - 2:15pm
LocationBryant York Auditorium
DescriptionWith increased impact and frequency of malware in Cyberspace, modernization and adaptation of the techniques to collect, analyze, and mitigate malicious activity is necessary. Advancement in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) automated mitigation and detection techniques derived from analysis to defend U.S. Government Agencies’ email networks is critical for long-term sustainability.

As adversaries have advanced their tools to orchestrate attacks, as much as 25% of phishing emails bypass traditional secure email gateways. For that reason, the U.S. Government needs to advance the development of AI. AI has the capability to go beyond traditional signature detection and dynamically self-learn malicious email patterns and communication habits. Thus, AI would be able to automatically detect any anomalies based on both email content and metadata leading to improved trust and authentication of email communication while simultaneously evolving and adapting to new threats and attacks.

This presentation will explore the important role of AI in support of U.S. Government missions to protect and defend its email networks.