Kevin Brown, Sreeranjani (Jini) Ramprakash, Tim Kaiser, Tom Papatheodore, Verónica Melesse Vergara, Thomas MacKell Jr.
Event Type
Invited Session
National Labs
TimeThursday, September 163:45pm - 5pm CDT
DescriptionHigh-performance computing (HPC) has broad applicability in various scientific domains. The Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories house some of the most powerful HPC centers in the world along with deep staff expertise to support ground-breaking science and engineering.

In this session speakers with significant HPC experience at the Department of Energy will introduce the audience to the following topics:
- Parallel programming using OpenMP
- Building a HPC cluster with Raspberry Pis
- Scientific visualization in HPC

Attendees will walk away from this session with pointers to useful tutorials and materials that will provide ways to gain deeper knowledge of HPC.