Ken Kennedy Lecturer: How Digital Technology Will Shape the Future of Business
Event Type
TimeFriday, September 1811:15am - 12:20pm
LocationBryant York Auditorium
DescriptionIn this age of industrial intelligence, we are merging physical and digital together in ways you previously thought unimaginable. In this physical/digital marriage, we are making planes smarter so that they can tell us what’s wrong with them. Wind turbines are getting smarter: communicating with one another and improving performance based on observations they can then tell to a field engineer. We’re making smarter buildings that can reduce power consumption, and can protect themselves from a security perspective. Dr. Parris will talk about big technology ideas like Digital Twin, Humble AI, and Digital Ghost, and how these game changers can accelerate business success and create opportunities for people with big ideas and big perspectives to address the divisions and issues facing the planet.