Performing Confidence: Embrace, Experience and Embody
Event Type
Professional Development
TimeThursday, September 162:45pm - 4pm CDT
DescriptionConfidence includes belief in one’s past achievements, current competence, and future ability to succeed. However, repeated research studies have shown that societal, psychological, systemic messages contribute to self-doubt for women and minorities when it comes to their abilities in STEM disciplines.
Conversations on Diversity Equity and Inclusion have rocketed from the sidelines to the main stage of academic and corporate conversations. This creates a new kind of pressure to perform confidence in the face of unnerving conversations. This interactive session creates the opportunity for participants to discover their personal approach and style of confidence via performance and improvisation! The workshop combines experiential exercises with critical reflection, and discussion to help the participants develop and create instances of confidence – voice, posture, emotions – that will increase their capacity and ability to powerfully respond to doubts and challenges at work.
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