How Student Leadership Drove Rewriting the Code's Response to the Pandemic and More than Doubled the Size of the Student Community
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Broadening Participation in Computing
TimeWednesday, September 154:45pm - 5:30pm CDT
DescriptionWhen the pandemic changed our worlds in March 2020, Rewriting the Code student leaders stepped up considerably to represent and respond to the needs and challenges of their peer community. In a short amount of time, classes transitioned to an online format, internships were cancelled or became remote, family members lost jobs and people we knew got sick. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, police brutality spurred on calls for social justice and the Black Lives Matters movement became a worldwide call to action. The student and alumni leaders came together with the RTC administrative team to listen intently to the needs of the community, understand the breadth of the challenges, and develop intentional initiatives to support the community. The incredible work of the RTC student leaders caused significant community growth, from 4,200 members at the start of the pandemic to over 10,000 by January 2021.
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