Leveraging Data for Good: Using Data to Create Equitable K-12 CS Education
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Broadening Participation in Computing
TimeThursday, September 164:30pm - 5:15pm CDT
DescriptionThis BOF centers around K-12 CS education data and the ways it can be used to understand CS equity. The organizers will share their experiences wrangling and harnessing CSEd data to promote equity. This includes experience working with data from the US census, the National Center for Education Statistics, the College Board, and state departments of education. Based on these experiences, the facilitators will start conversations with participants about what K-12 CS education data currently exists and how that data can be used to explore issues of equity in computing. While sharing their research questions, the facilitators will encourage participants to brainstorm research questions that can explore or address equity issues in computing. Of particular interest is identifying questions that can inform policies and practices that address inequality in CS access. The organizers will provide feedback about how those questions can be addressed and with what data and analysis techniques.