Have you heard of the saying " UX is a fluffy science"? If you have worked in industry, I'll bet you have
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TimeFriday, September 172:45pm - 3:30pm CDT
DescriptionHave you heard of the saying " UX is a fluffy science"? If you have worked in the industry, I'll bet you have.

Many are aware that Human Factors(HF) considerations and User Experience(UX)/Design methods are all pivotal components of the development and deployment of a products and technology. However, everyday examples of failed market products prove that UX was either disregarded or has failed to drive engineering requirements that dictate the experience deployed. The latter takes shape for many reasons, one specifically is when user experience and human factors experts deliver qualitative, sometimes even quantitative data, that engineers find difficult to interpret as pertains to the experiences being implemented in industry. Mapping UX to engineering requirements to drive hardware and software specifications is a practical skill that every UX and HF expert should aspire to have, to debunk what engineering may consider a soft or fluffy science.

Let's chat about UX, the gap that is currently recognized between UX and engineering, and how you may play a critical role in mending the differences between the two to be successful.