Navigating Your Advisor-Advisee Relationship
Event Type
Birds of a Feather
TimeThursday, September 83:00pm - 4:00pm EDT
LocationConvCtr 144 AB
DescriptionFor many new researchers, an advisor-advisee relationship is their major introduction to a professional mentor relationship. Many people do not know if an advisor-advisee relationship is working for them and have varying expectations of the relationship dynamics. The advisor-advisee relationship is a crucial aspect of the well-being of the advisee. Lack of support and compatibility in this relationship can lead to dissatisfaction for both parties. In this Birds of a Feather session, we emphasize how to identify your potential for advisor-advisee fit. This proposal seeks to create and foster a conversation between professors and students to navigate mentoring and advising in computing. For this workshop, we are cultivating space for individuals to (1) learn tips and tricks about navigating advisor-advisee relationships, (2) share advising experiences, and (3) help others identify their preferred mentorship or advising style.