Birds of a Feather
Charting your informatics career plan: Pathways toward careers in biomedical informatics
Event Type
Birds of a Feather
TimeThursday, September 173:45pm - 4:30pm
LocationJuan Gilbert Room
DescriptionBiomedical informatics presents many new opportunities and career directions. We will delve deeply into informatics career pathways. There is an explosion of activity in using artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning to improve health, detect disease progression, optimize delivery of healthcare services, and promote scientific discovery, with implications for personalized medicine and public health. However, there are also serious considerations regarding ethical implications of AI/machine learning technology for minority health, and significant issues in health information technology design due to lack of inclusive perspectives. After a brief overview of opportunities and roles, we will open the session to freewheeling discussion of ‘how to get from here to there’ with examples and resources. Students will work in small groups to complete a guide sheet identifying their skills and career goals. Organizers will provide feedback, insights, and resources tailored to their individual career plan. Though aimed at students we welcome all interested conference attendees.