Levering for Latinas diversity in higher cybersecurity education
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Birds of a Feather
TimeFriday, September 910:45am - 11:45am EDT
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DescriptionIn 2020, Forbes reported that women comprise 28.8% of the United States tech workforce. The cybersecurity professional organization, ISC2, pointed that Hispanic cybersecurity workforce comprises 4%. Latinas hold mere a 2% of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Academia, public sector, and private sector need to have better representation of minority students, employees, and executives in cybersecurity (Herrera, 2021).
Marymount University is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution where 25% of our undergraduate students identify as Hispanic and overall 20 percent of undergraduate and graduate students identify as Hispanics. Marymount University’s programs focuses on retaining Latinx students (especially women) and ensuring their preparedness for the job market. In our graduate programs, Marymount University continues to pay attention to the students’ professional development promoting on growing diversity, equity, inclusion, and access of opportunities across American higher education. We at Marymount say “Avanzamos!” – Let us all move forward together.